Our Equipment

Our Equipment Consists Of:

  • AED-automated external defibrillator
  • FERNO-basket stretcher and spine board
  • hard collars
  • Each unit comes with a fully-stocked Treatment Center
  • 1 Automated External Defibrillator
  • 1 M-Class O2 Cylinder, and 2 D-Class O2 Cylinders
  • Ferno Basket Stretcher and Spine Board
  • North Burn Kit
  • 2 Level III Crash Kits
  • 1 Eye Wash Station
  • Spill Response Kit with trained personnel.
  • Bee Sting Kit and Epinephrine Pen

Each unit contains a sink with running water and heated treatment area.

  • Our units are equipped with VHF Base Radios and Portable VHF radios for optimal communication at all times.
  • Each unit has a Magellan Triton GPS on board.
  • Each unit also has Bluetooth communication installed, for safe and effective communication at all times.

Our Code Three MTCs have the capabilities of transporting two patients and a Medic.

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